How to improve your online lottery chances – Fun88

How to improve your online lottery chances – Fun88

Online lottery chances


How to increase your winning online lottery chances?

There is no person who does not want to hit the jackpot during New Year celebrations. On these holidays, people in India are expecting to increase online lottery chances when possible. No matter if you are playing traditional lottery or online lottery like Fun88 India one, everyone expects to win the lottery if possible.


Sites like fun88 india offers you the possibility of playing online lottery. Online lottery makes the game steps easier for you since you can play anywhere you want. If you are wondering how to increase your online lottery chances, keep reading the following article and find out!


How to increase winning odds – Fun88


If you want to end the limitations of your current life and want to live in abundance, own luxury cars, a dream house, health, leisure and tranquility then you should look for the safest way to achieve it: Winning the Lottery.


Is it possible to win the online lottery? – Fun88


It is important that we stop and understand what the lottery is, and I am talking about it in any of the countries where it is played and in any of its modalities. The lottery is not magic or fortune: it is a game whose objective is to get the number that will be chosen from more than 45 million possibilities. It sounds difficult, but it is not impossible to succeed.


On the web you will have found dozens of pages that offer hundreds of methods to win the lottery: the star, the pendulum, the tables, numerology or the Egyptian system. If you ask me, I don't know if they work, but I can assure you that above all of them there is a system that does work and has helped many people to win a lot of money.


What is the best method to win the online lottery? - fun88


The best strategy to win the lottery is to put statistics on your side. How do you do that? By adding up the actions that have worked for others to win the lottery. The best way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to design a winning number combination that has a greater chance of being chosen.

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How to make a winning combination? – Fun88


Forget the magic numbers and avoid using numbers that have a special meaning for you, since doing this, you only limit the field of numbers to choose from. Other tips to increase your winning odds could be:

  • ✔️ Discard winning numbers: Many players choose certain numbers or combinations because they have seen them win on other occasions, but chance does not work like that: the chances of an exact number winning twice are tiny and it is better not to take risks in that sense.
  • ✔️ Follow the stats: Take your time to choose which numbers are the luckiest. That is: which numbers tend to come up most often in the lottery. There is a universal consensus that combinations ending in five have higher odds, as they appear more frequently among winners. The 5 also has an appearance among the last three luckiest winning numbers: 518, 295 and 457.
  • ✔️ Choose just one number: When you design the number, you are going to play with, keep in mind that it will be one that you must use for at least one year. If you change the number or combination for each draw, you only reduce your chances each time.

The draw system is designed so that:

  • a) Each number has the same chance of winning.
  • b) No winning combinations or numbers are repeated.

This means that each winning number is a discarded number in the next drawing and choosing a different number than the one you already have is adding another possibility.


Other ways to win the lottery – Fun88


There are other strategies to increase your chances of winning the lottery. The most accurate of them is to detect patterns in the game. Study the past results of the lottery drawings of your choice and spot a trend.


What does a lottery number repeat mean? – Fun88


When we realize that some series of numbers repeat within a game of chance, it means that we have found a breakdown in the system: we can predict the behavior of the game of chance and you should use that knowledge to your advantage.


Due to the repetition of a number we can detect several variants that play in our favor. Among them:

  • ✔️Which numbers repeat and how often they do so.
  • ✔️In what sequence the numbers repeat: odd-even, odd-even, odd-even, odd-numbered.
  • ✔️Whether the numbers repeat in a staggered sequence: for example, advancing positions from one point to another, as in this series 01-44-45, 23-01-34, 33-41-01.

By knowing which numbers repeat, how often, in what sequences, you can choose them as part of your combinations and significantly increase your chances of winning.


It is important to point out that in the case of repetitions, they can stop suddenly, because just as you detected the malfunction (human errors, lottery computer system errors or tendencies in the handling of numbers), those responsible for the draw will also notice it and eliminate it. Therefore, you should study the lottery results carefully to know if the numbers you are using are still valid.


Hot and cold numbers (frequency) – Fun88


One of the easiest and most fun ways to create lottery combinations from statistics is by using hot and cold numbers. Basically, hot numbers are those that were common in the last few or many drawings, while cold numbers are those that were less common. There are a few different reasons that drive the thinking to use them, making it a multi-factorial strategy:

  • ✔️ Hot numbers may be more likely to appear, or they may stop appearing as often because they've already appeared too many times.
  • ✔️ Cold numbers might have a lower probability of appearing in winning combinations, or they will start appearing more often because of that.
  • ✔️ Some players even look for expired numbers, which are numbers that are not found in lottery results for many drawings and are supposed to reverse that pattern.

It is important to differentiate hot numbers from the more common winning lottery numbers. After all, it is possible for numbers to appear among the hot ones when they are drawn as bonus balls or for second chance drawings. In that case, they are often not related to jackpots.


With that information in your hands, we advise you to try some of the best possibilities and see which one you like best. You can play just hot numbers, mix them with cold numbers or even take a couple of expired numbers to compose your winning combination. There are several possible approaches and there is no one right one. For example: We take the hottest and coldest numbers for lotteries around the world to create some possible combinations:

  • ✔️ Popular : 44, 23, 50, 50, 19, 5 / Lucky Stars 2 and 3.
  • ✔️ Cold: 33, 22, 46, 18, 47 / Lucky Stars 12 and 11.


  • 5 - 19 - 23 - 44 - 50 + 2 y 3
  • 5 , 18 , 19 , 22 , 50 + 3 y 12
  • 18 - 22 - 33 - 46 - 47 + 11 y 12

Does the site where I buy my lottery tickets play a role?


In probability, every factor has a weight, and among them plays the place where you buy your ticket. Why? There are studies that point out that, despite the fact that the tickets are distributed equally and without manipulation, there are communities where more prizes are won than in others and there are even places where no prize has ever been won.


This may be due to the number of tickets sold in a locality. It is not a bad idea to study your locality's success in winning lottery prizes. This information can help you increase your chances of winning the lottery, but remember that even you have the best strategy planned, you will always need a bit of luck to succeed.


Online Lottery at Fun88


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