Football Betting in India-Kick Off Your Betting Journey

Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on, particularly in the UK, with 40% of the money being wagered by bettors. That does not mean that Football fever is any less in other countries. In the past few years, Football matches have helped the betting industry to grow and allow bettors to place a wager on a host of markets. Fun88 is one of the leading betting platforms offering special promotions, competitive odds and more on our betting website and on the Fun88 Football bet app!

So, if you're ready to know all about Football betting, let us run you through it so that you are aware of the Football betting markets around.

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How To Choose a Football Bet App?

Football is one of the most watched sports in the world. It's so popular that you'll find a league or a match during any time of the year. Looking at the sport's massive popularity, many Football loving bettors are now using Football bet Apps to place wagers on their favorite players.Thus, to maximize your wins, choosing a right betting App is essential. So, here’s how you can choose a good Football betting App:

  1. Download the one that offers the best types of Football bets in Indian rupees(INR).
  2. Check if it's accessible through your smart device without using a Football betting app.
  3. Also, check betting lines and other opportunities.
  4. Make sure that the App has secure socket layers (SSL) encryption.
  5. Download the to enjoy Football betting with the above benefits!!

Getting Started With Online Football Betting in India

Want to get started with Football betting in India? Learn how to begin with the following steps.

  1. Find the most suitable and reliable Football betting websites.
  2. Register to open an account.
  3. Deposit funds via Net Banking, UPI, GPay, Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency, etc.
  4. Find the markets and the best odds before you place a wager.
  5. That's it! You're now ready to place your bet.

Need more info? Learn more about the rules of online betting in India!

A brief Introduction to how betting works

Betting Odds are set by a Sportsbook and represent the ratio between the stake and winnings on an outcome. They are usually shown as fractions (e.g., 2/1), or as decimals (2.00). You can decide which format of odds you prefer. For example, if the outcome of a Football event has odds of 2/1 (or 2.00), it means you will win Rs 2 for every Rs 1 you bet.

How football betting works
There are many football matches and markets available to bet on, with Fun88 offering a huge variety of odds. We list our betting odds on the outcome of matches and events within a match, which include the number of goals scored, corners won, red and yellow cards shown, and individual goalscorers. There are several different types of bets, including accumulators where you can mix different selections to make one large odds price to place your bet. This is available with the majority of Football bet markets. Subsequently, have a look at our special offers and competitive odds to get the best value bet. It works like this: You’ve to patiently wait for the outcome of an event, and if your bet is a winner, you'll be paid out your original stake plus the winnings from the odds.

So do read on to know the most popular types of Football bets.

Types of Football Bets

Match bet Bet builder Player props Asian handicap bet
Match bets are the easiest form of football betting in which you pick the result of a football match. You can bet on the three different outcomes: 1) home team to win, 2) the away team to win 3) or a draw. Do note that match bets are paid on the outcome of the match after 90 minutes, so if the scores are level then, the draw is the winning bet, irrespective of the outcome after extra time or penalties. Bet builder is a new addition to football betting which has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is also referred to as the same game multis; these bets are an accumulator of outcomes from a single match rather than a number of matches. They are perfect if you have knowledge about both teams and want to place small-stake bets such as the number of yellow cards, corners and goalscorers, etc. The ever-growing player prop markets can lead you to intriguing bets such as free-kicks, goal-kicks and throw-ins in a match.
There’s also an option to bet on the number of passes a player makes in a match. These bets are used by sportsbooks for boosted odds to give more value to players.
An Asian handicap bet is where your selection has a “handicap” to overcome. Fun88 gives each team a plus or minus figure to denote their handicap. This can be a whole-goal handicap (such as +1 or -2) or a half-goal handicap (+0.5 or -1.5).
European handicap bet Half-time/full-time Double chance Accumulators
A European handicap bet is similar to an Asian handicap bet but with some differences: 1) the draw remains an option, 2) the handicaps are only whole numbers.
Here's a brief example: Liverpool -1, Draw -1, Arsenal +2
  • If you bet on Liverpool, you win if they win by a two-goal margin or more.
  • If you bet on the draw, you win if Liverpool wins by a single goal.
  • If you bet on Arsenal, you win if they win, draw, or lose by only one goal.
You can place a bet on the result of the first half and/or the second half. You can bet on the home team, away team or draw for one or both halves.
This bet is for an advanced Football bettor who has deeper knowledge to predict the teams which will start or finish matches strongly or weakly.
Double Chance is betting on two of the three outcomes of the match to increase your chances of winning. The combinations are:
  • Home team or draw.
  • Away team or draw.
  • Home team or away team.
If either of your combinations wins, you will be paid out.
Accumulators combine multiple selections into one bet and are among the most popular forms of betting on football. That's because they offer big returns for small stakes, as the winnings from each selection are placed on the next one. The risk is that all the bets must lead to a win for the bettor to receive a payout.
Goalscorer betting Draw No Bet Next Manager and Player odds markets In-play betting
A Goalscorer bet is a bet to place on a particular player to score during a match. You can bet on various outcomes, however, the odds of them scoring at any time will be shorter because there is a greater chance of that happening. These bets can be good if a particular player is in good form or if one team is better than the other. The draw no bet is a type of wager where you punton the outcome of a match. But if it ends in a draw, then you will get your stake back. However, it means the odds will be lower than in other markets. Many Sportsbooks provide special odds on certain events that take place off the pitch. Such markets operate for popular players who will take a higher role or a leading goalscorer in a competition or division. In-play betting involves making a bet on an outcome during an event.
Sportsbooks offer several markets, such as the next goalscorer, or who will be the next player to be shown a yellow card. These are some of the profitable markets to follow on in-play bets.

Football Betting Odds

Want to bet on Football matches? Want to know how to find the best betting odds? Get Football odds for all the biggest national leagues, continental tournaments and global events like the FIFA World Cup with Fun88. We have all the latest action from the English Premier League, European football, ‘El Clasico’ to the Belarusian league.
Whether you're an expert in the Danish Superliga or are a big fan of the FA CUP, check our odds and bets on Football for live matches, league showdowns, player transfers and manager moves.

How do Football betting odds work?

Calculating the odds is a tricky process, but if you research well and know the basics of it, you will be better equipped to place bets in the future.

  • Analyze the data
    Analyzing data is the most crucial step in calculating the odds. Fun88 has the best tools possible and works with the best software to ensure that you get near-perfect results. Every day we provide odds for hundreds of games in different sports.
  • Cash Projections
    The next step is analyzing the match outcome possibilities to evaluate the cash projections into the equation. Fun88 uses advanced algorithms to calculate the cash flow to be placed on a specific market. We also have a database of past cash projections that helps us calculate better.
  • The Margin
    After sportsbooks have calculated the odds, they go through what’s called a “margin” or “juice.” Sportsbook uses the margin and provides overall odds that are slightly lower than what they should be. If both outcomes have the same percentage odds, then the odds should be even (2.0), which means that if you wager Rs 100, you will make Rs 200 if you win.

The table below shows a range of fractional odds and decimal odds and what is the percentage probability of it.

Fractional Odds Decimal Odds Percentage Probability
7/1 8 12.50%
4/1 5 20%
15/8 2.88 34.78%
6/4 2.5 40%
Evens 2 50%
10/11 1.91 52.38%
4/7 1.57 63.64%
1/3 1.33 75%
1/8 1.13 88.89%

View the latest odds on Football Matches & Bet with Fun88 India. Join India's favourite Football betting online site, The #1 trusted betting site.

Football Betting Odds Explained!

With all forms of sports betting, odds determine how much a bettor will win from a correctly placed bet. Football betting odds are easy to spot, as they're written with a plus or minus in front of a number (+200). Fun88 supplies you with the most competitive Football betting markets with various possible outcomes for a single match.

Decimal Odds/ European Odds
Decimal odds are the most common expression of odds worldwide, especially in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Thus, decimal odds are known as European odds.

Malaysian Odds
Malaysian Odds, or Malay odds, are expressed in decimals, either positive or negative. If the odds are “0”, then it is an exact 50/50 bet and will pay out 1/1.

Hong Kong Odds
Also known as HK odds, Hong Kong odds are one of the simplest odds formats. Plus (+) and minus (-) symbols are used to denote the relationship between your stake and your profit.

Indonesian Odds
Indonesian Odds also known as Indo odds that are divided by 100. The plus (+) and minus (-) signs are used to represent the favourite and underdog team or player.

Popular football bets punters bet on!

Whether you’ve got a huge interest in action, or you have a hunch on , you can place a range of bets on many exciting outcomes.

Find football odds today on:

  • Outright winners and losers
  • League winners and Cup champions
  • Relegation favourites
  • Knockout cup qualifiers
  • Number of goals, goals per half and penalties
  • Number of corners and cards
  • Top goal scorers

Football Betting Tips

Football betting tips and prediction tips featured on Fun88 are expert tips by top players and Fun88 experts who have great knowledge and expertise about the sport.

Choosing a Football betting site may be difficult otherwise, but not if you’ve chosen Fun88 already! This is because we bring you hands-on Football betting tips which are based on user experiences and betting experts. So, if you want to be on the winning side more often than not, and stay away from risky betting, follow these quick tips to make you a Pro in Football betting online.

  • Bet where there is value- Always consider the value before placing a bet. It's the key to all successful betting.
  • Specialize in a specific League- Concentrate on one particular league or competition to give yourself a better opportunity of finding value.
  • Sign up on Fun88 to take advantage of different promotions to improve your cash flows.
  • Keep a record of bets- Recording each bet placed, the odds you’ve taken, and the stake you’ve placed help you stay in control of your bankroll, and learn about the markets that prove most profitable.
  • Study the form- Study how a particular team performs to improve your chances of winning.

Upcoming Football Matches & Leagues

Are you new to Football betting online? Here we take a look at the key dates in the 2021-2022 football calendar plus the next international tournaments and major club competition fixtures and finals. We also look ahead to the 2022-2023 season schedules for the Premier League and English Football League due to the World Cup taking place in Qatar in November and December 2022.

2022 European football key dates

English Premier League 2021-2022

  • 22 May 2022: final fixtures of the season

English Football League (EFL) 2022

  • 30 April 2022: League One final weekend
  • 7-8 May 2022: League Two and Championship final weekend
  • Saturday 21 May 2022: League One Play-Off Final
  • Saturday 28 May 2022: League Two Play-Off Final
  • Sunday 29 May 2022: Championship Play-Off Final

English Carabao Cup (League Cup)

  • Sunday 27 February 2022: Carabao Cup Final, Wembley, London

2022 EFL Papa John’s Trophy final

  • Sunday 3 April 2022
  • Wembley Stadium, London, England

The Emirates FA Cup 2022

  • Saturday 8 January 2022: Third Round Proper
  • Saturday 5 February 2022: Fourth Round Proper
  • Wednesday 2 March 2022: Fifth Round Proper
  • Saturday 19 March 2022: Quarter-Finals
  • Saturday 16 April 2022: Semi-Final
  • Saturday 14 May 2022: The FA Cup Final

Scottish Premiership 2022

  • 3-21 January 2022: winter break

Italian Serie A 2022

  • 22 May 2022: final fixtures of the season z

German Bundesliga 2022

  • 14 May 2022: final matchday

Spanish LaLiga 2022

  • 22 May 2022: final fixtures of the season

  • Saturday 21 May 2022: final fixtures of the season

2022 Uefa Champions League schedule Knockout stage

  • 15-16 and 22-23 February and 8-9 and 15-16 March 2022: round of 16
  • 5-6 and 12-13 April 2022: quarter-finals
  • 26-27 April and 3-4 May 2022: semi-finals

2022 Uefa Champions League final

  • When: Saturday 28 May 2022
  • Where: Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2022 International Football Tournaments

2022 Africa Cup of Nations

  • Host nation: Cameroon
  • Dates: 9 January to 6 February 2022

Uefa Women’s Euro 2022

  • Host nation: England
  • Dates: 6-31 July 2022

2022-2023 season key dates

Premier League 2022-2023 season

  • 6 August 2022: first round of league matches
  • 12-13 November 2022: last matches before World Cup
  • 26 December 2022: EPL resumes after World Cup
  • 28 May 2023: final round of league matches

EFL 2022-2023 season

  • Saturday 30 July 2022: first fixtures in EFL Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two
  • Saturday 12 November 2022: Championship match round 16 then break for World Cup
  • 10 December 2022: Championship fixtures resume
  • Sunday 26 February 2023: Carabao Cup final, Wembley
  • Sunday 19 March 2023: Papa John’s Trophy final, Wembley
  • Saturday 6 May 2023: Championship, League One and League Two final day
  • 27-29 May 2023: Sky Bet EFL Play-Off Finals


How To Choose a Football Betting Online Site?

When choosing a Football betting site, some of the key factors to consider include:

  • Football match/ leagues selection
  • Football betting odds
  • Football betting features (live betting, cash out, live streaming, etc.)
  • Welcome bonus, first time offers, etc
  • Safe and secure deposit methods
  • Fast and secure withdrawals
  • Live betting and streaming
  • News and informational blogs on sports betting

One of the best Football betting sites that have all of these factors is Fun88. Try the best betting App for football today!

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Football Betting Online Promotions


Why Join Fun88 For Football Betting?

Fun88 is known as Asia’s most trusted Football betting online site, which has been providing an unparalleled betting experience since its inception. Get started today to enjoy the extensive choice of gaming options, best odds, exciting bonus options, best payouts & more.

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Deposit Methods For Football Betting Online in India

As you get geared to start Football betting online with Fun88, the first thing to do is signing up for an account and making a deposit. The next steps are:

  • Visit the cashier at Fun88 betting site.
  • Choose the deposit amount and also claim any bonus offer you may wish to use.
  • Choose your selected banking method and fill in all the details.
  • Click confirm and start Football betting!.
Credit/Debit cards are restricted as banking options at betting sites due to legislative restrictions in some regions. But in most parts of the world, credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard are used for funding your online betting account. Some of the most popular choices of payment on Fun88, EcoPayz and Google Pay, offer hassle-free digital transactions. Netbanking or online banking is a secure way to do banking in the comfort of your home or office anytime, anywhere. Bank transfer (or wire transfer) allows users to transfer money to a bank account around the world. A unique reference number is shared with the details of the bank account to make a payment. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is also a popular payment system at Fun88. Just enter a UPI-PIN and your payment will be complete. You can place crypto bets on sporting events, or you can use your cryptocurrency to play your favourite online casino games on Fun88.

Choose The Best Betting Offers For Football Betting in India

Scroll to enter the world of exciting betting offers on Fun88!

  • New customer betting offers
    This kind of betting offer is also referred to as a welcome bonus. After making your deposit on Fun88, you will receive your welcome bonus betting offer!
  • Deposit Bonuses
    A deposit bonus is a popular type of welcome bonus which is offered by the betting sites in India, including Fun88. Get an exciting deposit bonus today!
  • Betting offers for existing players
    Fun88 offers plenty of betting offers for existing players! These betting offers are known as betting promotions.
  • Free Bets
    Free Bets give players a good chance to place bets without risking their own money! Place wagers without incurring any risk on Fun88.
  • Cashback
    Cashback betting offers you back some of the money you may have lost while betting. Most betting sites offer lower cashback, while Fun88 offers higher Cashback Bonus!

Football Betting Online: How To Choose The Right Sportsbook?

Whether you are new to Football betting or are a pro bettor, it is essential to invest your skills and money in the right betting site. When choosing a sportsbook for Football betting, make sure to register at Fun88 for the following benefits:

  1. Best live Football rates on the market.
  2. Bet on our user-friendly Fun88 APK/APP- The best Football Bet App!
  3. 24/7 live chat customer support to solve your queries.
  4. Good reputation in the online betting industry.
  5. A wide selection of betting markets and lucrative betting odds.
  6. Watch live streaming of Football matches on the Fun88 website.
  7. Get Free access to online Football betting tips, tutorials, Football betting odds, insider news and much more!

Winning Big on Football starts with Fun88!

Watch the video tutorials on how to bet on Fun88, how to sign-up, how to deposit money, how to withdraw money, and more for hassle-free Football betting online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Football Betting

The easiest way to bet on Football is through the Match bet market. Choose from a range of wagers, including total goals, match winners, or even number of red cards or corners on Fun88. Simply navigate to the football betting section and make your selection.

Fun88 covers Europe’s top leagues, domestic leagues, South American football and the Australian A-League. Browse our full range of football leagues, tournaments and international competitions to start betting on Football matches.

Yes, you can bet on football matches in India. Fun88 is a popular betting site in India that has odds listed for all the major leagues including Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, ISL, and others.

The +/- signs are usually the way odds are expressed in terms of money. In terms of the spread, the " - " refers to the favourite and the " + " always refers to the underdog.

There is no such proven betting market that gives you 100% profits. However, successful bettors bet on straight wins, goal line or Asian handicaps, as these three markets are considered to be most easy to take advantage of.

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