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Fantasy Kabaddi

Live kabaddi betting is a very different experience because the games are so fast paced. You need to be quick while making decisions and before that you also need to make sure that you wathing match ( don't go blindly ). Kabaddi is a second popular match after cricket in india. The frequency in Odd change is quite high during live kabaddi betting so you need to act accordingly.

Though it is not verified, the physical form of Kabaddi is said to be originated from the Vedic period of ancient India. Despite many conflicting theories, the modern kabaddi is played in various forms under different names across the Indian continent. Kabaddi is popular in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala; it is called as chedugudu in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh; ha-du-du in West Bengal and Bangladesh; bhavatik in Maldives, kauddi in the Punjab region; hu-tu-tu in Western India, hu-do-do in Eastern India; kapardi in Nepal; and sadugudu in Tamil Nadu.

Kabaddi is played between two teams of seven players. The objective of the game is for a single player from the offence side, referred to as a “raider” need to run into the opposing team’s half of the court, touch as many defenders as possible, and return to their half of the court in a single breath. The defenders can tackle the raider while he was in their court. The raider earns a point for his team when he tags each player and similarly, the opposing team earns a point when they stop the raider. Players will stay out of the game if they are touched or tackled, and are brought back in when their team earns each point from a tag or tackle.

Now, kabaddi has become a new addition to the world of live sports betting on It is time to make some quick bucks with this exciting cash gaming app for kabaddi lovers. Since everything has become digitized, the online kabaddi sports betting games let you practice the game with small amount and once you are proficient in live kabaddi betting skills, you can move on to the exciting world of cash and mega contests.

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

Fantasy Kabaddi is an exciting online kabaddi game popularized on a global stage. The application is designed to be compatible with all the smart devices and you can play at any time from anywhere by downloading the app on your mobile phone.

With regular practice and the right knowledge of the game, you can become an expert at fantasy kabaddi league and make money from various cash contests. During the packed season of Pro Kabaddi League, provides a secure playing experience for kabaddi fans. Hence, use the platform to hone your team-building skills and become proficient in fantasy kabaddi skills, and move on to the exciting world of cash and mega contests.

Another advantage is you can collect all your winnings after successful matches, and withdraw the cash money at any time. Sign up via email or Google or Social Media account to start playing the fantasy kabaddi game on

How to Play Fantasy Kabaddi Game and Win Real Money? is a popular online fantasy sports platform that provides you with an enhanced fantasy sports experience. Get started by downloading the app from the PlayStore or AppStore available for Android or IOS users or download directly from the website.

Once you download the app, register for the platform using your mobile number. Create a user id and set your password to start your fantasy sports journey. Get your fantasy kabaddi prediction right and win real cash.

Do not miss the opportunity to earn cashback on different e-wallets by showing your fantasy sports skills. You have the liberty to select a league match or international tournament, and it will take you right into the action.

How to Create your Fantasy Kabaddi Team?

As soon as you log in to the platform and choose your fantasy kabaddi league, it’s time to create your fantasy kabaddi dream team. If you are a new player, here are the guidelines to set up your fantasy kabaddi dream team:

As a player, you will be allocated certain credit points to select your team.

You can select choose up to 4 Defenders, 3 Raiders, and 2 All-rounders for your fantasy kabaddi dream team.

The performance of your fantasy kabaddi team will decide how you score during the fantasy kabaddi leagues. kabaddi game lets you create multiple teams per match, and you are free to join any contest with any of the teams created before!

Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain of your Fantasy Kabaddi Team

Remember, the Captain gets 2X points scored by him in the actual game, and the Vice-Captain gets 1.5X points in the game. Hence, after finalizing your team, be wise while selecting your captain and vice-captain because they earn more points than the normal players. Your objective is to select a team that increases your winning chances while you play kabaddi online.

Kabaddi Fantasy Point System

It is vital to know how the points system works on kabaddi fantasy app. Check the below points for better understanding:

The captain earns 2X points and vice-captain earns 1.5X points for the team.

The starting 7 players contributes 4 points each.

Substitute players earns 2 points each for the team.

If the starting 7 players push all the opposite team members out, they are rewarded with 3 points each.

When the starting 7 players gets pushed out by the opponent team, each player loses 2 points or get -2 points.

For an unsuccessful raid, each player loses 1 point or get -1 point.

They earn 4 points for a successful raid and get 2 points as raid bonus.

The team earns 5 points for each successful tackle and gets 3 bonus points in case of a super tackle.

Players might receive Red Card (-6 points), Yellow Card (-4 points), and Green Card (-2 points) based on their field performances.

What is a Super Tackle in Kabaddi?

Super Tackle in kabaddi game is when a raider is successfully tackled by three defenders or less. The defenders earn super tackle points and it gets added to the average point scored for putting the raider out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fantasy kabaddi?

It is an online Kabaddi game where the kabaddi enthusiasts or players can invest in their favourite players online. They can win real money by choosing the best scoring pro kabaddi fantasy team members and taking part in contests.

How can I play fantasy kabaddi for free?

You can join fantasy kabaddi and play the practice games for free. However, if you want to earn cash, then register for fantasy kabaddi league.

What is the best way to create a fantasy kabaddi team?

First of all, do check the player's recent form. Do proper research about their riding and tackling experiences. Make sure you follow the fantasy kabaddi guidelines. Lastly, choose the best players as Captain and Vice-captain.

Can I change my fantasy kabaddi team once I have picked it?

Yes, a player can change his team multiple times to check the best available option prior to the submission. However, the team cannot be changed after the match begins. A player may also pick multiple team options to improve his chances of winning.

Is there any trick to win fantasy kabaddi?

If you are investing Rs. 10,000 then, divide it into ten parts. This way you can earn more in the long run. Remember, spending more does not let you win more money; you must focus on playing more short leagues.

How do you sign into fantasy kabaddi?

Go to website or download Fun88 APK or install the Fun88 app on your mobile phone. Open the app in your mobile, and fill the form to complete the signup.

Does give money?

There are various kabaddi leagues in Play your favourite league and get a chance to earn rewards. Earning money depends on your prediction skill about what will happen in the actual match and luck too.

Is fantasy kabaddi safe and legal? is the safest and secure platform for playing fantasy kabaddi online. With easy deposits and quick withdrawals, the platform offers a smooth user experience. The fantasy kabaddi being the game of skill, is completely legal in India. It is not a game of chance, as it depends on your various skills such as analysing the players capabilities.

What is my earning potential if I play fantasy kabaddi?

Sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential, if you possess basic kabaddi knowledge, are able to analyse the game based on various factors, and choose the right captain and vice-captain for a particular game. To improve your chances of winning, you can always set multiple teams for a given contest or join free fantasy kabaddi contests for practice purpose.

When there is so much of earning potential, what is stopping you from downloading the fantasy kabaddi app? Play fantasy kabaddi online, and start making real cash while having fun!

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